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“It has a moist chewiness and an enjoyable initial flavor. The taste is long on the palate, and leaves you wanting more.”
“Gently enjoyable, and well balanced.”

– Judges at Great Taste; world’s largest and most trusted food and drink awards. –


Biltong- delicately dried meat, originates in South Africa where it was brought by Dutch settlers in the early 17th century.

This original recipe was perfected in our family-owned butchery est. in 1994 to the desired taste, tenderness and long-lasting freshness. 
Our organic (BIO) beef comes exclusively from pasture-raised, grass-fed and free-range cattle from a local farm, raised without hormones and antibiotics.
We use only BIO and natural ingredients with no preservatives or chemical additives.

As a traditional snack rich in proteins and low in fats and sugars, biltong makes the right companion to hikers 🏕️, bikers 🚴, climbers 🧗, bodybuilders 🏋️‍♂️, travellers ✈️, meat lovers 🥩; it goes well with a drink🍷🍺🥃 and it’s a unique ingredient in gourmet cooking 👩‍🍳 and more..


Original, 50g

Traditional recipe with
pure & natural meat taste.


Chilli, 50g

Fancy extra chilli with your
biltong? We’ve got you covered.


Black Pepper, 50g

A sprinkle of black pepper
will do the trick of a mild change.


Pink Pepper, 50g

Pink pepper will add
fresh & fruity almost rosy undertone.


Dill, 50g

You either hate it or LOVE it.
A truly refreshing combination.

It takes 270 g of PREMIUM organic grass-fed lean topside beef to produce 100 g of our BIOBILTONG.

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who is behind biobiltong


We are a family-owned business with a long tradition in butchery, joined by a few of our close friends: Octavia being born a South African; growing up on her regular biltong doses and Vladimir being a professional butcher his whole adult life.

our biobiltong team

Our dedicated team of friends and family has the great aspiration of creating a food snack that is truly delicious and only of the highest standards. No shortcuts. Ever.

SINCE 2016

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Dobra Niva 96 261
Slovakia (EU)

+421 951 319 683

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